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About Campaign

This Campaign is to help rape victims and future suicide preventions.

This capaign ended 634 Days Ago

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More About Campaign

A very good friend of mine committed suicide and it was very hard on all of my friends and I. Following that devastating event, another tragic event happened just 2 weeks after where I was raped in a local park.

I am sharing this to empower women and men who are afraid to come out about their rape stories. I want you all to know that you can contact me via instagram @THETACOBUMPER or my other social media listed, for support and any advice I can give you.

I wasn't functioning at my best at this point after everything that had happened. My work place was not understanding and fired me when I was at my lowest. I have lost my income and I made these shirts that have been my dream to make since I was 16 years old. All of these shirts give me faith and hope to a new beginning and a better life. The shirts will help me recover prosperity and income.

If these shirts are a success, I plan to put proceeds to rape victims and suicide prevention. Thank you all for your support it means absolutely everything to me.


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  • Rilla Perkins
  • 419-750-4949
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