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About Campaign

Hey all!

I have been involved in rescue for years, and have always wanted to design rescue awareness clothing that is still cute. So, here is the campaign... all of the money goes to rescuing dogs in Northern California and caring for them.

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More About Campaign

Pitbull rescue awareness is something that is close to my heart. Many pitbulls die every year because of "oops" litters or backyard breeders. We need an awareness campaign because so many people don't realize the effects having their unsprayed or unaltered dog has on the local community.

If we sell 25 sweatshirts, they will print them...if we sell 50 ...$595 goes to rescue local dogs in Northern California. Please support our strides in raising awareness and funds for dogs in need.



  • Allie O. | 1 T-shirt
    Proud supporter of pibbles and spay and neuter efforts!!
  • Margaret Hays | 1 T-shirt
    I volunteer in my local shelter and see wonderful dogs there every day that have been overbred, or are unwanted pups from irresponsible breeders. They deserve better!
  • Cindy Klein | 1 T-shirt
  • Fran Gist | 1 T-shirt
    I love dogs and especially pits! I won't promote what I don't believe in 100% and I believe in this!
  • Wendy Lugg | 1 T-shirt
  • Carla Clark | 1 T-shirt
    Because I want to help.
  • Debbie | 1 T-shirt