Prayers for Taytem

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This campaign/fundraiser is to support the White family. Their baby girl, Taytem who is 1 year old was diagnosed with Scoliosis, as well as MPS, a very rare disease and is going through lots of testing, and surgeries one being a bone marrow transplant. Please join me in raising awareness and financial support for Taytem and her family!

God Bless!!

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 When Taytem was 5 months old we started to notice her body was changing. She wasnt sitting right so as any parent would we took her in and the Dr said she was normal and didnt seem to be alarmed at the time. When me and miss Tay were visiting family in PA i was giving her a bath and had noticed a large mass on her back the first thing any parent would think CANCER!!!! well that wasnt the case she was sent to childrens hospital i...n Omaha Nebraska and had her first MRI were they had found she had Scoliosis and the Dr had told us that he would just monitor her as the year went on. Well we decided to have a second opinion after that more tests were being requested at that time. Her urine was tested and and came back with a high level of moly poly sacciride (MPS) disorder theres many complications with this disease and tay seems to be progressing fast. They now have blood being tested in New York for whats called Hurlers disease which would make her number seven in Nebraska to have this diagnosis. She is having her tonsils and adniods removed next monday the 13th of October. she will also have more testing done while sedated she will have an MRI and another heart ecco and her eyes will be checked by a specialist because they had found clouding in both eyes today they are suspecting she is starting to lose her eyesight. Tay will start enzyme replacement therapy as soon as we get the blood testing back and then to follow she will have a bone marrow transplant in Minnesota as soon as we find a match for her. Taytem will be in complete isolation for three months while we are there. Thank you for all your prayers and please keep them coming. we will be having a concert/fundraiser to help with our bills as me and Matt wont be able to work so that we could be with her. I hope every one will be able to make it and plus some. please spread the word about Taytem as we are trying to spread awareness for this terrible disease. We will continue to give updates on every thing we find out and hope for a long life with our baby girl as this could be life threatening if we do not get the proper care that she needs to help her body from stop forming more issues..


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    Matt and Cham were special friends of my son. They are now my special friends.
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    Because we love Taytem and her family. We will continue to pray for them also!