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Our military fights for our freedom regardless of the traumatic outcomes they have physically, medically and socially encountered.They give their all because they are dedicated to their country and the American people. They Need our help like they help us.

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Military have needs after being injured mentally, medically, physically, and socially, also financially. Military are recovering from physical and psychological injuries, the challenge of reintegrating...war fighters' social safety net. ... an overview of healthcare, including the gaps in services. ...disorder according to Walter Reed army Medical center.

There needs to be an establishment of accountability due to reduction of job loss after injury and illness. Reduction of job loss after injury or. ... leaving the workforce entirely after a medical condition compromises ...mental, and social well-being for all individuals-including those with PTSD also prolongs their years of productive contribution.

Three major conditions that need focus: post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD), major depression, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). unlike physical wounds, these condition effect mood, thoughts, and behavior and often remain invisible to other service members, family, and society. In addition, symptoms of these conditions, especially PSTD and depression, can have a delayed onset - appearing months after exposure to stress. The effect of traumatic brain injury is still poorly understood, leaving a large gap in understanding how extensive the problem is or how to address it.


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