LifeKellyvated Lupus vs. Kilimanjaro

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About Campaign

The short version is we thought Kelly had full sponsorship as a Veteran to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. However, the sponsor did not cover the cost of the flight. This is her dream. Of course I put it on the credit card. That was before surgery. Expenses are mounting now.

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Living with lupus is complex. You have to be flexible. Exploring, understanding, and remembering what works to nurture your body and calm a flare is critical. The octopus is stealthy, capable and strategic in capturing it's prey. For all of these reasons, Kelly chose an octopus to represent herself on her climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. At 19,340 feet, it's bigger than anything she's ever climbed. And lupus? Well, this may be a life-long challenge of Kelly's flexibility, tenacity, complexity, and willingness to walk forward -- one step at a time. Pole, pole. It's what they'll say to her on the mountain in Swahili. Slowly, slowly.

Slowly, slowly is just how training has gone this year. Sickness, surgery, and flare after never-ending flare have slowed her body down. I would like to pay off the cost of the flight and maybe her surgeries to prevent additional financial stress. Now, here's a lupus secret. The chosen color is purple, but I'm displaying this shirt in CHERRY because she loves the color red and she loves fresh cherries.

So many people love Kelly. She's like a bright star even with so many forces at work to dampen her spirit. She's on that mountain now. Send her your love and prayers and positive energy. And, if you can, show your heart-felt support for Kelly from the inside out today!


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  • Beckie V. | 7 T-Shirts
    We love Kelly!!
  • Wendy | 1 T-Shirt
    Because I've supported this spitfire since day one and will continue to as long as I'm around.
  • Aunt Pam | 1 T-Shirt
    I want to support Kelly because living with an autoimmune illness is extremely hard. I want Kelly to know I love her.
  • Dina | 1 T-Shirt + $10