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This is in support of Joseph Sieffert, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Help him win this fight.

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As all of you know, I run a home daycare & I treasure & love all of my little ones as if they were my own; sadly one of them was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Joseph became a part of the daycare family at 2 months of age & now at the age of 3, my little buddy has a fight on his hands, one which I know he will win. Many of you have asked what can you do or how can you help, this is your opportunity. Let us all join together as family & friends in support for Joseph & his family. Let my little buddy know that he is not in this fight alone & that we are here for him, fighting for him every step of the way. This event is not only to raise money but to show Joseph, his mommy Lori, his daddy Michael & his little brother Alex, that they are very much loved & that we are here for them with love, support & strength. Prayer is a powerful gift so let's continue it. Joseph can & will beat this Leukemia...Thank You all so very much, Mirta Haddock...Love to all & God Bless.


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  • Hugh & Mirta Haddock | 2 T-Shirts
    You're in our prayers Joseph! You will beat this!...WE LOVE YOU!
  • Rosa Perez | 1 T-Shirt
    Joseph you will win this fight. God bless you
  • Mark the Beagle | 1 T-Shirt + $50
  • becky kinney | 1 T-Shirt + $50
    Joseph is one special little boy to me. He is family.
  • Anonymous | 1 T-Shirt
  • Anonymous | 3 T-Shirts
  • Brian | 2 T-Shirts
  • Daniel | 1 T-Shirt + $30
  • Cheryl | 1 T-Shirt
    great gear for all of us cheering in the Joseph cheering section :-)
  • Diann | 5 T-Shirts
    Helping Joseph knock out Leukemia!!
  • The Leonards | 5 T-Shirts
  • Nelson Bonilla | 1 T-Shirt
    Stay strong Joseph! God Bless.
  • Jen & Ari Jeffers | 2 T-Shirts
    We love you & we know you will beat this.
  • James Sieffert and Kathy Burr | 2 T-Shirts
    My grandson! Thank you, Mirta!
  • Mike, Roslyn, Arianna & Aubree Matthews | 2 T-Shirts