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MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Wear this T-shirt and help Stamp OUT trophy hunting.

In Honor of Cecil the Lion, we will donate $10.00 from each T-shirt sold. We may not be able to save Cecil, but WE CAN save countless other lives. Thank You!

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The news of Cecil the Lion's death has stunned, angered and saddened many of us around the globe. We are still attempting to wrap our heads around such a sadistic, thoughtless and senseless death. We, at Helping Animal In Crisis, are determined to NOT allow Cecil's death to be in vain.

Helping Animals In Crisis is conducting a fund raising campaign to help fund continued research by the people who knew and valued Cecil the most, WildCRU. These Oxford researchers are the one's who put the GPS collar on Cecil and studied him and his family since 2008. WildCRU will now study the effect of Cecil's death on the surviving Lions in his pride, including his cubs. WildCRU has now expanded their work to include working with Zimbabwe's National Parks and Wildlife Management Authorities to try and "stamp out" poaching.

WE CAN HELP. Helping Animals In Crisis is pledging to donate $10.00 to WildCRU for each T-shirt sold. Let's make sure Cecil's death is not in vain. We may not be able to save Cecil, but WE CAN save the countless lives of others. Thank You.



  • Renee incent | 1 T-Shirt
    For Cecil, his family and to save the lives of other Lions.
  • Kyle Hall & Carol Vincent-Hall | 2 T-Shirts
    Let's put our money where our mouth is. Is you think the baiting and killing of Cecil was outrageous, lets support WildCRU by purchasing a shirt.
  • Hector Silva | 1 T-Shirt
    Im a domestic and wild Animals. Advocate and We must stop all poaching and hunting now Extinction is forever