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To show support to my aunt and help with the cost of cancer treatments.

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My sweet Aunt Kathy is fighting breast cancer. She is strong and courageous and a fighter. I admire her so much! Throughout this process so far she has handled everything so well and with great courage and faith in God. She always thinks of others and its our turn to think of her:) She never forgets a birthday, cries with you and laughs with you...she's a treasure! I adore her. Please consider purchasing a t-shirt...all proceeds will go toward her cancer treatments! Thank you and God bless!



  • Andre | 1 Shirt
  • Karen Turgeau | 2 Shirts + $10
    Because we adore her and we're standing with her in this fight!
  • Diana T Suttles | 1 Shirt
    Kathy is a very dear cousin to the Turgeau family we love her very much, she is in our daily prayers. We love being around her she has a awesome personality full of love and fun!!
  • Sherri robinson | 1 Shirt
    ......if it helps Mrs. Monaghan ..... I'm in. She was always so nice with a smile on her face!!!!!
  • Geralin Franchina | 1 Shirt + $25
  • Tina Jump | 2 Shirts
    Kathy works with my dad, Alton. We love you Kathy and are praying for u!
  • Lacey Esler | 1 Shirt
    Tina Jump told us about your fight. Praying for you!
  • vickie blair | 2 Shirts + $10
    Standing strong with Kathy Monaghan.
  • Gayle Murrell | 1 Shirt
    One of my best friends is raising money to help her aunt with cancer treatments. I can help her, show my support for all breast cancer patients/survivors and show Louisiana Pride!
  • Connie Monaghan | 2 Shirts
    Just wanted to support a great sister-in-law. Kathy, it's true....keep on smiling and we all smile with you.
  • Charlie and Billie | 4 Shirts + $25
    Your are my inspiration. Love you Kathy
  • jennifer Monaghan Soderberg | 2 Shirts
    Love and prayers to my sweet aunt!
  • dawn | 12 Shirts
    Because we love my momma!!!
  • Lauren | 1 Shirt