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I created this campaign to help out a friend in need, a great single mom struggling on the day-to-day basis with pain due to an accident she had years ago. I am raising money to help her get a metal implant removed that is causing her great pain and disability

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My friend's name is Sasha and here is her story...

In late December 2012, a little before I became pregnant with my baby, I was hit by an uninsured driver in a bad car accident. I had no recourse and don't even remember anything except for waking up bloody, confused and unable to breathe on the side of the road while the other driver walked away with only a few scratches. I fractured my clavicle and broke several ribs, also suffering a minor brain inflammation. When I woke up next for a brief moment I realized I was being airlifted by helicopter to the hospital. I thought it was a dream until the shock wore off and they started ripping my clothes off, cutting through the white faux fur coat I had just bought on the way home from work that day at H&M, now stained in blood and unsalvageable. I was so upset about my coat at the time-- little did I know what was in store for me. I think about that coat and chuckle in retrospect as I now know that was the very least of my worries.
I was in and out of consciousness over the next two days and admitted to the hospital for a total of 11 days. During my stay (through Christmas and New Years Eve) they made the decision to perform surgery on my clavicle to repair it while I was unconscious and put in a metal implant so the fracture would heal. The doctors/surgeon said that in a year's time I could choose to have the implant removed. (Incidentally, since I did not have the best insurance policy at the time, I went into collections and I'm on the road to bankruptcy thanks to the uninsured driver and these same surgeons who made the decision for me to operate without my consent.) However, due to this implant my clavicle has healed wrong, as you can see in my photos my shoulders are grossly disproportionate and I've been told by my chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath and orthopedist that this disparity and tension in my shoulders is causing the severe neck pain that results in chronic migraines. At least 2 to 3 days a week I suffer from an incapacitating migraine, and even on a good day I can count on waking up with at least a mild headache that may or may not subside.
The headaches are almost tolerable, however the migraines are so painful and come with violent vomiting so bad that I cannot even leave a room in total darkness because they make me so light sensitive.
I was so lucky that my boyfriend at the time stayed by my side in the hospital and read to me almost every night, skipping his trip to the Dominican Republic to see his family for the holidays and staying with me instead. We were very much in love and I became pregnant shortly after the accident due to a birth control malfunction. I was almost immediately laid off from my job when I announced that I was pregnant and even though this was clearly the reason they got rid of me, and I tried to file a lawsuit for wrongful termination, they had a large team of lawyers that I was up against and I could not possibly afford to keep the case going. All of my unemployment money went to COBRA health coverage so that I could have proper medical care during my pregnancy . From the time she was an embryo she has been my entire world and I would spare nothing to ensure her health and happiness . When unemployment ran out after about 6 months, I was fortunate enough to get government insurance but there was an error in processing and my coverage was terminated with no notice, so I have been uninsured and having to pay out of pocket for any doctors' appointments since September of last year. I currently don't have any medical insurance even though I have applied for government insurance, I have been waiting since last August for my coverage to kick back in, and have no idea when this might happen.
Regardless, I have been told that the metal removal surgery to remove the implant and fix my shoulder problem permanently would not be covered anyway, as it is considered to be "elective". In their expert opinion I can choose to leave this metal implant in my body for the rest of my life, and they simply don't want to hear about how it's affecting my quality of life, stating that it has "no direct link" to my migraines ( don't they know the "shoulder bone's connected to the neck bone and that's the way it goes?" Lol) when they know nothing about medical history-- the people making these decisions, by the way, that are determining my quality of life are not doctors, experts but insurance representatives.
Today, my daughter's father is no longer in the picture and I don't have any family that is in a position to help me. The family that I did have refuses to acknowledge me because of my choice to keep my baby even though she was conceived on plans and out of wedlock and won't accept me or my quote unquote "bastard child." I'm disgusted with their bigoted views and say good riddance to them, but I cannot blame her father for leaving and going back to the Dominican Republic to be with his family as my condition added so much stress to his life, and he could not handle the burden of fatherhood and an always-sick girlfriend. I bear him no ill will and he never expressed the desire to take her with him, but even if he had I could never let him take our daughter away from me, who is the light of my life. Since he has left the country I cannot get a court order for any child support either. Regardless, I would not trade my daughter, my "sunshine" for anything, even to get out of my current painful situation.
I'm lucky to have a very nice neighbor lady who helps me with child care when I am unable to function. She does this out of the goodness of her heart and the love of my daughter, and this is how I know I am blessed and someone is looking out for us.
I used to be a very successful writer and had a great career right out of college, where I graduated magna cum laude whilst working full time. I've been on my own financially since my father died when I was 17 and have been working since I was legally able to at 16. I put myself through college and worked my hardest to ensure that I would have a bright future. Now, because of my physical ailments, that future is turning to ash before my very eyes and now I cannot even use my degree that it worked and sacrificed so much for. What's worse is the shame that I feel when I am treated with such contempt and disrespect by the government workers when I go down to the county office to collect food stamps, I'm treated like an irresponsible leech on society who doesn't want to work and is simply lazy. This could not be further from the truth. My dream is to, once I am healed, go back to Technical College and get certified as an ultrasound technician and work in the medical field healing others that are going through difficulties like I am facing now. I would never treat somebody like a burden or disrespect a single mother struggling to keep her family afloat. However I can never do this until my problem is fixed, I can barely take care of myself most days.
I have no one to depend on, and never wanted to depend on someone else much less the tax dollars of others, but I have no choice but to apply for government assistance and I am in the process of filing for disability, but I have been told that my disability will likely take up to 3 years to go through. I cannot imagine living like this for that long. In the meantime I cannot work due to these migraines and neck pain. Not only can I NOT afford the surgery I need to remove this implant that's literally ruining my life, I'm running out of funds to continue getting chiropractic adjustments or any other doctors appointments which I must pay full price for. I have had a very difficult few years behind me and as I type it it doesn't even seem believable that all of this could happen to one person. It seems like one thing after another keeps happening to prevent me from being well, going back to work and being the mother that I want to be to my beautiful daughter, who I can't even hold anymore because she is getting too big and heavy and the tension of holding her puts my spine out of alignment and eventually causes more pain and, of course, migraines.
This metal shoulder implant is affecting every aspect of my life and all I want is to go back to normal. I'm full of dreams, potential and I want to realize that potential that I've worked so hard for my entire life. I'm hoping that through this forum I can raise a little bit of money to at least continue getting my chiropractic adjustments, which provide a temporary relief, but my greatest wish is that I can raise enough to have this injury surgically corrected and live a normal life again.
I'm not a greedy person. For those who can afford cosmetic surgery I applaud them and have no qualms about their choices, but please know I personally am NOT doing this for vanity reasons even though there is an unsightly scar where the implant is, that is the last thing I care about at this point.
Please also take into consideration that I am not doing this just for myself, so I can live like a 28 year old and not feel like someone the age of if I were to reverse those two numbers. I'm doing this campaign hoping and praying someone hears my story so that I can be a normal healthy active mother to my daughter. I think she deserves the world, and if I could just hold and carry her when she holds out her arms for me and says "mama, hold you!" without tears rolling down my cheeks because I can't without experiencing severe pain it would mean the world to me. Thank you for reading about my situation. Warmest regards and my heart goes out to anyone who has spared a fleeting thought on me and my sunshine.