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About Campaign

Support Jack's fight with lung cancer.

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Jack McDermott, aka Pop, Daddy, Uncle Jack, was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. He was given just months to live with out treatment. While treatment isn't a guarantee, it's certainly ups our odds of gaining precious time with him, but cost is ridiculous! Treatment, travel, medicine, and vital daily living are leaving him and his wife, Mary drained. His biggest worry is leaving behind his wife in financial distress. If we can do anything to ease his worry, I feel easing his worries and more importantly the power of prayer, have the power to add days, months, and even years onto his life.

Join his fight, support the cause and thank you so much for your generous donation to Pop. He is a fighter. He is a real life Superman, powering through living with a spinal tumor, heart surgeries, lung disease, cataracts, stomach polyps and so on and so forth. He continues to persevere, with a smile on his face (and crazy hat to boot) and when asked "how are you"? His response, "Doing great!" Doc asks what about this and that... he says besides that doing great, oh yep besides that doing great... okay before I came in here I was doing great, lol.

He continues to work! He continues to get out and see his family and friends every chance he can! He travels, he makes it a point to show up for everyone, every time. I am truly inspired by his energy and ambition. On days when I think I have struggles and don't want to get out of bed, I'm reminded of his strength and hope I have a tenth of his energy at his age, let alone condition. He just does not stop living. Let that be an inspiration to us all. He's been to so many of my games, birthdays, events, wedding, read stories to my babies and just spent time with us all. He served his country in Korea. He's shown up for us all in one way or another, even fought for you by serving his country. Now it's time for us to show up for him. Support his fight for life and legacy. Thank you and God Bless!


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