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Habitual Addiction

"The act of compulsively indulging in a mental or physical obsession."

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My name is Shomari Longwood and I am an artist. So whats this all about? Well besides you receiving a well design t-shirt you will also be helping me develop my brand. That brand being Habitual Addiction, its something I created when I was surrounded by loved ones. Its something I am passionate about and have been pushing forward for a couple years now.

I'd like to think I am a Chimera thinker, in other words I can take many ideas and mash them together in order to create a functional piece. This has allowed me to feel as though I will never run short on ideas. Now liquid assets on the other hand, cash readily available is another issue entirely. If Ideas where money I would be rich, stinking rich. Unfortunately this reality we all live in, is ran by currency and more specifically in the US, the dollar is king.

With that being said I would like to formally invite you to lend a hand and get some nice swag too.


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