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Thank you for clicking on our Holiday Rescue Fundraiser!!!! We hope you fall in love with our "Journey" long sleeve T-shirts !!! What a wonderful gift they will make!!

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Please consider buying one for yourself or giving one to that very special horsey person in your life... or if you are feeling very generous and giving.. why not do both!!?? Yes they ARE geared towards women, but we do have some more 'men friendly' on our website... but lets face it...WOMEN really like getting horsey related GIFTS! (even if to themselves) AND....We really like their message too! To the point..don't you think?

They also convey what we all feel when we have that one special equine by our side and what it truly takes to form long lasting bonds.

Commitment .. Sacrifice.. Compassion.. Communication.. and mostly Love is all part of the JOURNEY.....BOTH in life and in having a successful equine partnership....or so WE here at 2 Hearts know & feel. *wink*

Our journey as a rescue of horses in need has given us the opportunity to meet and help many wonderful, deserving horses, mini's and donkeys....not to mention some wonderful people and it has helped us also grow as individuals and as an organization. As some of you already know, we are very committed to our rescues as they depend on us, and in turn we depend on you to help us give them new beginnings with happier endings. Your help is given through many different ways, ....volunteering, donations, sponsorship, adoptions and just by sharing and educating others who are unaware of us and of the issues pertaining to all horses, especially our once, free roaming wilds.

Fundraising, and I know, we are all tired of seeing that word, is a vital component to a successful outcome for each and every horse, mini or donkey that passes through our gate. The world of rescue WOULD NOT be able to accomplish their goals without the love and support of the horse community and beyond....and for that there are no "THANK YOU's" big enough. Truly there are no words to convey the gratitude.

If you feel so compelled, Please take a further moment to look at our webpage and become part of our Facebook family. (link provided below ..fb can be joined via website, HOME page)

Thank you all again from all of us here at Two Hearts.


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