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Starting a crowdfunding campaign

TStacker allows you or your organization to sell shirts with no upfront cost and zero risk. Design your product, set your goal, spread the word and sell your shirts with no upfront expense.

It only takes a few minutes to get your campaign up and running. You will be selling your custom shirts in no time!

This page is an overview of how the process works, you can also view our video tutorials for more information.


create your design

Create and Save Your design

Design your custom product in our online designer and then save your design. We have an abundant selection of clip art, design ideas and fonts to choose from which will make your design process easy and hassle free. Once your design has been saved you are ready to start your campaign. If you already have a design saved you can skip this step.

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start a campaign

Start Your Campaign

Choose your saved design and start your campaign. You will be prompted to login to retrieve your designs. Once you choose a design it will take you to step 3.


icon-choose Choose your saved design

create your design

Set Price and Goal

Set the price that you would like to sell your custom product for and set a goal of how many you would like to sell. In this phase of the process you will see the potential profit that you can make based on how many shirts that you sell.

If you don’t meet your goal we will still print your products as long as a minimum of 25 pieces are sold.


icon-choose Choose your saved design

start a campaign

Give a brief description that explains your campaign

This is where you can tell everyone about your campaign, you can upload photo’s here as well. You want to make your campaign appealing to everyone so that you have the best opportunity to meet your sales goal.

Set the timeline that you would like your campaign to run for

We suggest a minimum of 2 weeks but you will probably have the best success if you run it for longer.

start a campaign

Promote and Share with Everyone You Know!

Encourage your friends and family to spread the word as well! The more people that know about your campaign the more likely you will succeed in reaching your goal.


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Reach Your Goal – We Print and Ship Your Product.

Once your campaign ends, we handle the printing, shipping and you will receive a check with the profit that you made. If you think your campaign would be successful again you can run it as many times as you would like.


Launch your campaign now!