Tracking Your TStacker Campaign With The Facebook Conversion Pixel

Posted by Jason Case on Thursday, August 27, 2015 in General

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Tracking Your TStacker Campaign is Now Easier Than Ever

Part of what makes working with TStacker so great is the straightforward nature of our process. Many organizations look for fundraising strategies and find most approaches to be complicated and costly. Similarly, many individuals and burgeoning businesses are seeking a low-risk way to boost a new brand or simply to make some extra money through a great idea.

We’ve found a way to make it easy. TStacker was established to assist businesses, non-profits, schools, organizations, and individuals with a simple and enjoyable method for fundraising or getting your enterprise off the ground. Our goal is to help groups just like yours easily create attractive and unique products (t-shirts or other apparel), which will allow you to gain support from others and meet your financial goals. Perhaps you’ve got a brilliant idea for a clever t-shirt? We work with creative individuals all the time. If you are looking to earn some extra cash with no upfront costs, this is a perfect solution.

In our effort to streamline the process for our customers and skyrocket your success, we’ve just released a brand new feature that will make tracking your campaigns easier than ever before. Not only that, but your campaigns will get better results. Read on to find out more about this exciting new feature.

Our Newest Feature: The Facebook Conversion Pixe

FacebookWhen you partner with TStacker, you are given a dedicated campaign website where customers can go to order your apparel. We offer t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, team wear, and more. As your campaign proceeds, you won’t be left in the dark wondering about how things are going. We want you to stay “in the know” about what’s happening with your campaign. That’s why we provide an accessible campaign dashboard so that you can easily and accurately track your efforts. This helps you know where to direct your marketing and what is bringing you results.


We’re thrilled to share with you our latest feature, which makes this tracking even more effective: a Facebook conversion pixel. TStacker has just implemented a brand new feature on our website which allows you to use a conversion tracking pixel from Facebook for your campaigns. This is wonderful news for businesses, organizations, and individuals trying to leverage the power of Facebook ads. The Facebook conversion tracking pixel can help you optimize your TStacker ad campaigns, leading to increased leads and sales.

What Exactly is a Conversion Pixel?

A conversion pixel is a tiny 1X1 pixel invisible image which is placed on your website. For tracking your TStacker campaign, this pixel can be put onto various pages of your campaign. Every time a page is accessed by a buyer or potential customer referred by Facebook, the pixel tracks their actions and reports back.

The Facebook conversion pixel tracks the actions that web users use after accessing your campaign page via a Facebook ad. This means you’ll see if a Facebook ad you’re running is successfully yielding sales or if it is only resulting in browsing. The pixel can be utilized on your campaign page and checkout page, to let you know what customers are doing after clicking through your ad. The tracking pixel lets you know how your Facebook ads are converting to real sales.

Increase ConversionsOne of the most significant benefits of using the conversion pixel is its power in remarketing tactics. Not only does using the pixel track the performance of your Facebook ads themselves, but you are able to refocus your marketing efforts to reach those individuals who accessed your campaign page but didn’t make a purchase. You can then set up a remarketing Facebook ad which is seen only by those who have visited your campaign page, even if they did not initially access it through Facebook. The conversion pixel will track all who visit your campaign page, and your remarketing ad can target those visitors who have a Facebook account and who have shown interest in potentially purchasing your apparel.

This is an extremely targeted advertising tactic that will keep your budget down and target only people who have shown interest in your campaign. This is the most powerful way to see results with Facebook advertising.

This is fantastic news for our TStacker partners. Throughout the duration of your campaign, you’ll now have the opportunity to assess your advertisements and find out what is performing the best, and remarket to those who haven’t made a purchase. Facebook has consistently proven to be one of the most effective methods of attracting sales for our TStacker customers, so you will want to take advantage of this platform.

A Simple Guide to Using the Tracking Pixel

Although it might sound complicated, the process is actually very easy. Once you’ve got a Facebook Ad campaign up and running, you can use the Facebook dashboard to create a conversion pixel (basically a block of code). This pixel code can then be copied.

The next step is to login to your TStacker Account. Click on My Campaigns in the top right of the screen and select the campaign related to your Facebook ad. This will take you to your Campaign Dashboard where you can click on Update Campaign. Here, there is a straightforward section where you’ll be able to paste the pixel ID number. Voilà! Your Facebook tracking pixel has been installed.

For more help, check out our account overview video tutorial for a step-by-step explanation on creating and installing the Facebook pixel.

Boosting Marketing Chart

How this Great New Feature Will Boost Your Marketing Efforts

With millions of users, Facebook is where it’s at, and advertisements are a huge part of the Facebook culture. Once you’ve created a basic Facebook ad (you’ll need a dedicated business or organization Facebook page to do this) you can specify the target audience for your ad. The demographics and options you can select are remarkably detailed, allowing you to truly hone in on your ideal customer. For your organization, this means your ad will be ultimately more successful in converting.

The Facebook conversion pixel can allow you to develop and refine these ads for maximum results. Not only can the conversion pixel let you know when a t-shirt is successfully purchased, it can track the demographics of who is buying, which of your Facebook ads “sold” them, and more. With the Facebook tracking pixel, you can keep making your ads better and better, and continually target them towards those who are most likely to buy. And with the remarketing ad options, you can zero in on those customers who have checked out your merchandise but have not made a purchase. This is a huge advantage, giving you more information about those people who are interested in your product. Thus, you can retarget ads which will specifically reach only those people who have already visited your campaign page. Or you can develop new ads altogether, using the information gained from the tracking pixel to help you make the most well-targeted, effective ads to reach the demographic that is showing you results.

Not only can the tracking pixel assist you in targeting the right customers, but it helps you figure out what elements of your ad are working and which aren’t. You can test ads in several different incarnations to see exactly which ones achieve the most conversions. This can show you if you’re using the right language, the best images, or if you’ve included an effective call to action.

Ready to Start the Process?

A crowdfunded t-shirt fundraiser is one of the most popular options for raising money for businesses and organizations across the country or for individuals with a creative idea or looking to start an apparel line. Are you ready to join in? Our TStacker team would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the process, or you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find your answer.

We’re excited to partner with you. Click Here to start your no risk, zero money upfront campaign.

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