Looking for T-shirt Design Ideas? We’ve Got Them!

Posted by Jodi Bumgarner on Monday, October 26, 2015 in General

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Putting together a fundraising campaign can be hard work, but trying to come up with a t-shirt design that people will actually want to be seen in simply adds to the stress. TStacker is here to help! Our Design Studio makes it easy for you to create a distinctive look for your organization or group even if you don’t have any design experience or aren’t particularly artistic. Don’t have a lot of time? Our t-shirt design templates make it easy and quick, so you can get to the important stuff--like promoting your organization’s cause or event.

We have lots of professionally created designs for you to choose from--with numerous colors, sizes and styles. You’re sure to find the perfect design for your event, fundraiser, sports team, school, family reunion, nonprofit organization or band. We’ve put together a massive resource of t-shirt designs and organized them in different categories to make it easier to find exactly what you need for your group or organization. Athletics, College, Holidays, Events, School Activities, Fundraising, Military, Religious--those are just some of the categories you can find under our Design Ideas section.

And if you’re afraid of it looking too “cookie cutter” remember that you have the option of choosing a different font as well as adding your own design tweaks. You’re not just limited to only one side of the shirt either, you can include a design on both the front and back!

Simply pick a category and find a design you like. When you click on your choice, you will automatically be taken to our design studio, where you can choose the type and color of apparel you want to place your design on. You’ll be able to resize the design, place it on the front or back of a shirt--or both--and personalize it with the text and font you like best. Does your organization or group have an official logo? You can upload it to add to our custom designs as well.

The best part? Simply design and promote your shirts. Our t-shirt crowdfunding platform means that you don’t have to worry about inventory, manufacturing or keeping track of apparel orders. We do all of that for you. We even ship your t-shirts for free with bulk shipments!

Have any questions or need design help? Give us a free call at 888-425-1974, or contact us online.

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