Fundraising for Your Church?

Posted by Jodi Bumgarner on Friday, July 17, 2015 in Fundraising

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Are you doing some fundraising for your church, youth group, or mission trip? Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas to raise money? Even the most creative minds can get stuck in a rut and fall back on those tried and true favorites—going door-to-door selling candy bars, throwing a bake sale or pleading with the congregation to buy raffle tickets.

church groupAlthough these fundraising methods are popular for a reason, you’re more likely to get more participation from your members and community at large using ideas that are fun, unique and create excitement. Plus, the more people that participate in your fundraising event, the better opportunity you have to make more money for your cause. But coming up with new ideas can be hard, especially if your church, mission or youth group has been fundraising for a while.


But don't give up hope! We're here to help. At TStacker we know that a successful campaign takes more than just selling peronalized t-shirts or baseball caps. Over the past few years we have worked with a variety of churches, youth groups and missions and seen some really unique fundraising ideas. So skip the same raffles and bake sales you've been doing. We want to help you raise the most money possible, so we’ve put the "best of the best" all together on our church fundraising page.


Feel free to try one of these ideas at the next fundraising event for your church and please let us know how these ideas worked for you. Good luck and God bless.




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