Crowdfunding with a Twist

Posted by Jason Case on Monday, March 16, 2015 in Uncategorised

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Crowdfunding with a Twist

If you’re looking to raise money for your event, organization or cause, crowdfunding can be a great way to do it. Unfortunately, there are dozens of crowdfunding sites to choose from, and with most of them, you’re forced to foot the bill for expensive “incentives” before you can even get started.

These incentives – gifts designed to reward users for their donations - can be anything from a free T-shirt or CD to a concert ticket, a behind-the-scenes meet-and-greet or backstage pass. But regardless of what they are, they come completely out of your pocket.

And when you’re strapped for cash already (and let’s face it, if you’re crowdfunding something, you’re probably not rolling in the dough), this can cause a huge problem. How are you supposed to make money if you’re shelling out hundreds for gifts and giveaways on a daily basis?

The truth is, you probably won’t.

At Tstacker, we understand this dilemma, and we’ve come up with a unique twist on crowdfunding that not only solves this problem, but gives you a better opportunity for raising money on the whole.


The Basics

Tstacker allows you to create customized T-shirts around your organization or cause. Then, through our platform, you set a price point, sell the shirts to potential backers, and start raising money for your cause.

And the best part about our approach? You don’t have to put in any up-front cash to get started. Just create your T-shirt design (our templates and handy tools make it easy), determine your fundraising goals, create a timeline, and get to selling.

Once your campaign is finished, you can have the shirts sent directly to your funders or you can choose to distribute them on your own, at your event or other organization get-together.

The result is an extremely simple, powerful route to fundraising that doesn’t cost you anything. And what more could you ask for?


The Benefits

The biggest benefit of using Tstacker over other crowdfunding options is that you don’t have to put in any up-front cash to get started. At a time when you’re already struggling to make ends meet, this can be a huge advantage.

By using Tstacker, you can also help expand awareness of your cause, event or organization. Just think: Once your backers start wearing your T-shirts around town, it’s like free advertising. The more people who see those shirts, the more they’ll want to learn about your efforts or even contribute funds themselves.

Additionally, unlike other crowdfunding sites, you don’t have to meet a certain monetary goal in order to get your funds at Tstacker. As long as you meet the minimum of 25 shirts ordered, we’ll still print your products and you’ll get the money raised. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Need to Raise Funds for your Cause?

If you’re looking for a powerful way to raise funds for your organization or cause, then look no further than Tstacker. Our unique approach to crowdfunding won’t just save you money, it will make you money.


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